Tesla Raises Most Prices Overnight

A Tesla service centerTesla raised prices on most of its products overnight. Increases range from $250 on the affordable Model 3 sedan to $3,500 on the high-end Model X SUV.

Tesla changes prices more frequently than other automakers. The company prides itself on doing things differently than traditional companies. While others upgrade their cars on a model year schedule, Tesla changes components on the fly so that a Model Y bought in January may have different parts than a Model Y bought in March.

That means building costs fluctuate, which can make prices fluctuate.

Tesla’s overall strategy has also heavily influenced pricing in 2023. CEO Elon Musk recently told investors the company was happy to make less money on each car built in exchange for getting more Tesla vehicles on the road to make more money selling software downloads.

The regular price changes make it hard to time when to buy a Tesla. But we would note that, while prices are now rising, they remain significantly below Tesla prices of just six months ago.

The New Prices

Model Old Price New Price Change Federal Tax Rebate
Model 3 $39,990 $40,240 +$250 $3,750
Model 3 Long Range $47,240 $47,240 None $3,750
Model 3 Performance $52,990 $53,240 +$250 $7,500
Model Y $46,990 $47,490 +$500 $7,500
Model Y Long Range $49,990 $50,490 +$500 $7,500
Model Y Performance $53,990 $54,490 +$500 $7,500
Model S $87,490 $88,490 +$1,000 None
Model S Plaid $107,490 $108,490 +$1,000 None
Model X $94,990 $98,490 +$3,500 None
Model X Plaid $104,990 $108,490 +$3,500 None

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