[SBS Star] “You Ruined It!” Drama Fans Rage at Cha Seo Won’s Engagement to Uhm Hyeon Kyung

Actor Cha Seo Won is facing online hate after announcing his engagement to actress Uhm Hyeon Kyung.

On June 5, Cha Seo Won and Uhm Hyeon Kyung’s agencies revealed their engagement and Uhm Hyeon Kyung’s pregnancy.

While the joyous news has delighted the public, some negative opinions against Cha Seo Won began to flood his Instagram account.

The actor joined the army in November last year, and his most recent work, TVING’s drama ‘Unintentional Love Story’ was released in March.

‘Unintentional Love Story’ is a dramatized version of a webcomic about two men who fell in love with each other after an unintentional lie between them.

Cha Seo Won

Cha Seo Won has fully committed to the role of talented potter ‘Yoon Tae-joon’ in the drama.

He was seen practicing making potteries in behind-the-scenes footage shared by TVING.

The actor mastered pottery skills by dedicating four months to practice.

Eventually, he was able to portray the potter without using the understudy, adding reality to the scenes.

Cha Seo Won

His efforts did pay off.

‘Unintentional Love Story’ was well-received, placing top in TVING’s drama section.

The success of ‘Unintentional Love Story’ led to the production of a film adaptation, set to be premiered in June.

Cha Seo Won showed his affection for the drama by pinning the original author’s illustrative work as the first post on his Instagram.

Cha Seo Won

However, the actor’s engagement with Uhm Hyeon Kyung infuriated some of the ‘Unintentional Love Story’ fans.

Some called it a “betrayal”; because he played a gay man in the drama.

They vented their rage on Cha Seo Won’s Instagram where he posted the drama’s illustrative work, commenting that his announcement have ruined ‘everything’.

Cha Seo Won

According to them, the actor having a wife and baby has ruined the promotion of the upcoming ‘Unintentional Love Story’ movie, the fans’ yearning for the second season of the drama, and the efforts of the drama’s other actors.

As the negative remarks grew, Cha Seo Won’s fans poured in to leave comments in favor of the actor.

The general consensus among online community users is that it is ridiculous to demand the actor to be ‘that’ committed to the part he once played.

Cha Seo Won

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