[SBS Star] Yoon Ji Sung Rescues a Lost Dog Dangerously Running About on the Road

K-pop artist Yoon Ji Sung rescued a lost dog that was dangerously running back and forth on the busy road. 

On June 5 episode of ENA’s television show ‘Hyoja Village’, Yoon Ji Sung and his mother were seen going on a date out of the city. 

On their way to the destination in a car, Yoon Ji Sung suddenly noticed a dog on a lead on the road, running about in confusion.

As soon as Yoon Ji Sung saw this dog, he panicked and went, “Oh my! It’s a dog! What shall we do?!” 

The dog ran past them so quickly, and Yoon Ji Sung told his mother, sounding extremely concerned, “I’m so worried about the dog.”

Then, he speedily parked his car at the nearest restaurant, and looked around as soon as he got out of his car. 

Yoon Ji Sung

Yoon Ji Sung

Fortunately, the dog was close to where they were, so Yoon Ji Sung was able to spot the dog right away. 

The dog came to him when he asked to come; Yoon Ji Sung held tightly onto the lead once the dog came close. 

With the dog, they then headed to a nearby gas station together, and asked if they could help them in any ways. 

The owner of the gas station kindly found a number of an animal shelter in the area, and called them for the worried mother and son. 

The dog was full of energy, going all cute on Yoon Ji Sung while they waited for the animal shelter staff to come over. 

Yoon Ji Sung

Once the staff arrived, Yoon Ji Sung helped him put the dog in the cage and pleaded, “Please find the dog his/her owner.” 

After that, Yoon Ji Sung and his mother headed to the restaurant where they parked their car at, feeling good about doing what they could do to help the dog. 

Later on, it was revealed that the animal shelter managed to find the owner of the dog; so, everything worked out for everybody in the end. 

Yoon Ji Sung

Back in February 2021, Yoon Ji Sung shared that he has decided to become a new owner of a rescue dog named ‘Vero’. 

He appeared to have felt compelled to act when he saw the dog on the road, because his dog at home was a rescue dog.

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