Recall Alert: Jeep Grand Cherokee, Grand Cherokee L

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee in brown.Jeep is recalling about 89,000 Grand Cherokee and Grand Cherokee L SUVs from model years 2021-2023 because of a steering component that can cause drivers to lose control of the vehicle.

In documents filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Jeep explains, “An incorrectly assembled steering column intermediate shaft may disconnect from the u-joint, and result in a loss of steering control.”

There are no defective parts, Jeep says. But, on about 1% of the recalled cars, they may have been put together incorrectly. Jeep warns that drivers “may notice play in steering” or hear an unusual noise when turning as the problem develops.

Jeep says it knows of no accidents or injuries but 15 warranty claims related to the problem.

Dealers will inspect the steering column and, if necessary, replace the intermediate shaft to correct the problem.

Recall repairs are always free. Manufacturers try to reach every owner to warn them. But some always fall through the cracks in the system, and drivers unknowingly operate recalled cars. Check our easy recall tool to find out if your car has any outstanding recalls.

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