Lexus GX Teases Boxy Remodel

A teaser photo showing the 2024 Lexus GX from a rear quarter angleBy automotive standards, the Lexus GX is an old man. He’s a very capable old man, living well and living well off the beaten path. The GX, after all, is an extremely capable off-roader and a luxurious Lexus. But the guy’s been around.

Automakers redesign most vehicles every five to seven years. The current GX has been on the road mostly unchanged since 2010.

It’s long overdue for an update. And one is on the way.

Lexus released a third teaser photo of the 2024 GX today, the first redesign the model has had since you were carrying a new iPhone 4 and Lady Gaga was carrying a brand new Grammy for “Bad Romance.”

The shot shows the new GX from a rear quarter angle up from the license plate. Like previous teasers, it looks boxier than most current Lexus designs. A tall greenhouse looks like it provides a lot of headroom and light. The beltline is higher for the rearmost windows — a design tweak that must have Land Rover designers livid.

We know no mechanical details about the upcoming GX. But it’s always been the off-roader of the Lexus lineup, so we expect another body-on-frame, truck-like SUV with luxury amenities. Big, boxy side mirrors that look stolen from a Ford pickup also hint at that.

We won’t have to wait long for more. Lexus says the full reveal is coming in less than two weeks.

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